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Here’s the thing – we’ve been sold a lie.

We were told that once we accumulated enough material possessions we would feel fulfilled and happy.

That once we had the “right job”, enough money, a big house, worked hard we would finally be successful.

But it’s just not true.

In fact, the more you chase that lie, the harder life seems.

There’s a high cost to working so hard and acquiring so much stuff…and for what?

• An inflated mortgage on an enormous house for a beautiful family that you’re too busy to spend time with

• Loads of debt accrued by a consumer-driven, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses lifestyle

• A garage full of toys and no time to enjoy them

And worse…

• A constant or perhaps subtle feeling of being overwhelmed

• Fear that you’ll never be enough, do enough, have enough

• Stress, stress, and more stress

If you are struggling with any of these issues

That all changes at Create Your Freedom

You don’t have to spend another year suffering, living on auto-pilot, or sacrificing your dreams just to survive. It’s time to start THRIVING. 

My name is Andrew Morrison and I’m on a mission to change the world.

If you’re discouraged, living a tedious, stressed out existence, and/or tired of squashing your joy and passion in an effort to reach the elusive American Dream, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

After over 10 years facilitating thousands of people in workshops around the world, I’ve witnessed the potential for greatness that exists deep down inside each one of us – and that includes YOU! It’s time to consciously create the life you’ve only dreamed of until now.

Here’s My Story

Over ten years ago I took what felt like a huge risk: I stepped away from a successful career as a building contractor and land developer. Why abandon success? Because the stress and general feeling of overwhelm I felt in my daily life significantly affected my health and sense of excitement, crushed my joy, and most importantly stressed my relationship with my wife and children. Sure, I had “success” as defined by society but I was unfulfilled and unhappy on the inside. 

The insanity had to end.

In 2006 I hung up my tool belt and stepped into what I love and what inspires me the most: teaching workshops and empowering people to be their best possible selves. At the time, this act felt fraught with risk and danger…after all, who gives up a successful career just to find their own happiness? I did, and I’ve never looked back.

Since that moment, I’ve created a life that I truly love and appreciate.

My health is better than it was in my 20s, my joy is sky-high, I get paid to travel around the world inspiring others, and my relationships with my wife and children are extraordinary. Not only that, but I have fun doing what I do, I create my own work schedule, and what’s more, I create my own reality. I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of, and you can too. 

Here’s the craziest part of it all: I generate three times the amount of income that I did when I was a contractor while working insane hours and nearly killing myself!!

At Create Your Freedom, my team and I will teach you how to do the same thing for yourself: how to create the life that you’ve been dreaming about. There is a clear pathway (I know because I’ve walked it myself) and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Create Your Freedom

Your Future Awaits

April 20, 21 & 22, 2018
Ashland, OR


There’s a lot of self-improvement information available in the world today in a wide variety of mediums. We’re different because we not only cover the incredibly important topics of creating your best physical health, achieving optimal mental states, effectively managing fear and stress so they actually help you, taking your relationships to the next level, and creating a financial map that will bring your wildest financial dreams to life; but we’ll also facilitate the exploration of your relationship with material possessions, the choices you make as a consumer, the housing decisions you may have made, and how you can create a life that best serves YOU…not the consumer industry.

I am keenly aware that being stuck in the rat race is one of the most limiting patterns that keeps people from stepping into their greatest self. Keeping up with the Joneses is hard work and when you’re exhausted and stressed, you cut yourself off from the opportunity to create real freedom.

One of my missions is to help free you from that cycle. By learning how to decipher what is truly vital (and what you can easily live without), you’ll have the opportunity to live a life unburdened by unnecessary material possessions which not only cost you a lot of money (and time spent making those funds), but also distract you from your greatest life purposes.

Join us at Create Your Freedom to lift the veil and start living your inspired life today.

During Create Your Freedom, you will learn how to


We’ll be gathering April 20, 21 & 22, 2018 in beautiful Ashland, OR at the Ashland Hills Hotel and Conference Center for three full days of inspiring, interactive, life changing experiences that will support the creation of a totally new way of life.


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You’ll be led by dynamic speakers, guided through deep personal introspection, and transformed by the practical tools you’ll walk away with – ready to begin your new life journey the moment you walk out the door.

We’ll work through a comprehensive curriculum not found in any other personal growth workshops. You’ll set measurable, attainable goals that are relevant to your values and support creating a life that you deserve.

And we’ll have fun!

We will create a safe and nurturing environment together that encourages you to step in fully. The deeper you go, the faster you will realize your dream life. Amidst the deep inquiry there will be plenty of fun and laughter as well. I truly believe that hard work doesn’t have to be so…well, hard. Instead I think the journey is more effective when it’s fun.

We’re excited to support your transformation!


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Andrew Morrison

Andrew is passionate about empowering people to make life choices that support their greatest potential for joy, fulfillment, and wealth: inside and out. Since 2006, he has personally taught over 3,000 participants at his workshops and is convinced that he has the best job in the world! He lives in a tiny house with his family and has discovered that by focusing on what matters (rather than keeping up with Joneses), he is happier and wealthier than he has ever been before.

create your freedom ryan head shot - 1

Ryan Ferguson

Ryan retired from being an airline pilot and real estate developer at age 31.  He currently spends his days adventuring with his wife Carrie and their two young daughters.  Before, life felt too busy and aimless, prompting Ryan and his family to reassess what life should be about.  A strong understanding of personal finance allows him to now sustain a peaceful life on his terms.  Ryan loves facilitating individuals of all ages and helping them remove financial roadblocks so that they can become the people they genuinely want to be.

Mon Amour Photography - Grow Baby - Southern Oregon

Emily Rydbom

Emily works to empower people, reminding them of their born intuition and how it relates to their nutrition and lifestyle. Emily is a functional medicine nutritionist, is board certified in her profession, works in a clinical practice, and owns her own company. Her work with GrowBaby, LLC has been featured in internationally recognized medical journals and in her spare time she does her best to change the global disease pandemic.


GrowBaby, LLC


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Dan Loch

Dan is a physical therapist and sports medicine specialist inspiring creative mindful movement and sustainable wellness. He emphasizes biomechanics and functional movement patterns to assist patients in reaching their peak performance and pain-free lifestyle. He owns his own private practice in Ashland and enjoys the outdoors with his beautiful wife and son.


Owner Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, LLC


“What Andrew packs into a day is amazing. Empirical practice with trial and error, theory with plenty of humor and practical application and examples. In my professional life I work with teachers and professors and other educators. Of all of them (from the high school teachers to leaders of expeditions to Mt. Everest) Andrew is among the most gifted teachers and leaders I have ever known. There is real magic in what he does and how he inspires and leads a group to find the best they have as individuals and as a group.” -Robert Roach  

“I am not exactly a touchy-feely person who likes to ask for help, but with Andrew I could talk about my concerns with ease. Andrew stands out because he is open, real and he lives by example. His knowledge in so many aspects of life and his superb sense of humor break through the toughest ice with a gentle grace. I believe Andrew is one of the few people I have met who truly understands what life is really about and I am grateful that he made it his life’s mission to help others do the same.” – Sonja G., South Florida

“I’m currently creating a new business and given my extremely tight budget, I was reticent to spend money on a workshop. As it turned out, Andrew’s workshop addressed the issues I’d been grappling with all along and provided me with timely insights that have changed my approach and given me a sense of strength and purpose in my business. Definitely worth the modest investment. I want to thank Andrew and his talented staff for helping me step fully into my business venture with confidence.”  -Dave T., Detroit, MI

Create Your Freedom

Your Future Awaits

April 20, 21 & 22, 2018
Ashland, OR


Your Create Your Freedom workshop experience will be immersive and interactive. Come prepared to go into some deep introspection and bring a willingness to have fun, explore, and create real change. We invite you to show up wearing comfortable and loose clothing that allows for movement and relaxation.

We will provide morning tea and coffee, a healthful lunch, and afternoon snack to keep our stamina going. That is included in the price!

Class times will run from 9am-6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We have negotiated a discounted guest room rate for our participants and we encourage those of you who can to stay on site!


“As a financial planner, I talk to clients every day about where they are headed and what constitutes happiness and fulfillment for them. Caught in the high-paced pursuit of money and success, many of us find it difficult to determine what we really value in life, what truly matters to us and, above all, how to make choices that are in line with those deeper values. In my context, money tends to be the trigger for these conversations, but they reach far beyond the numbers. This is one of the reasons why I love the Create your Freedom workshop. Exploring our lifestyle choices from different angles over multiple days provides a unique opportunity for learning and possibly a strong impetus to change. The other reason for my enthusiasm is Andrew, a gifted communicator and teacher who excels at bringing people together and getting them to work toward a common goal. I have seen him in action in workshops where he brings a steady stream of inspiration, passion, and challenge to those around him.” – Barbara L., Denver, CO

“We’re young professionals who landed our ‘dream jobs’ right out of school. We owned a home, were financially stable and could indulge ourselves in occasional luxuries. Every day though, we felt more trapped by the prison of our own creation. I felt a lot of guilt about being unhappy in our situation, despite the fact that this was literally our dream turned into reality. Why were we so unhappy?

Even though we were exactly where we had worked so hard to get, it felt like we’d driven our lives way off course. We felt like we were stuck in a rut on a deserted road. With a near empty gas tank. With it getting dark out. And rain. And wolves circling the car. Maybe I could have thought about it earlier, but would asking for directions be the worst idea?

Andrew Morrison is a kind, thoughtful and insightful teacher. He clearly has a wealth of experience with leadership and teaching combined with a genuine interest in you as an individual. My wife and I attended a course hosted by Andrew, where in spite of all the other people attending, he made time to get to know us on a personal level and weigh in on the challenges we were facing.– John and Heather P., Alberta, Canada

I have lots of experience with the good, the bad, and the boring when it comes to educational leaders. In my opinion, Andrew stands out as one of the best. His knowledge, energy, and humor enhance the learning experience and his enthusiasm is contagious. Even if you are not sure this workshop will apply to you, I am confident you will not regret the investment of your time or your money.” – Dale W. Florence, MT

“I decided to attend Andrew’s workshop after being laid off from my last job. I was hesitant about spending the money since I was no longer working, but decided that if I wanted to make a career change and explore new ideas that I didn’t know much about, this was the opportunity to do that. My time spent at Andrew’s workshop was absolutely amazing! From the beginning I felt not only welcomed by him, but like we were old friends catching up with each other. Throughout the week he brought us all together by keeping the atmosphere engaging, compassionate, and fun. By the end of the workshop I had made some incredible connections and was sad to go. It was a truly incredible and memorable experience that I would be excited to participate in again.” – Jared S., San Jose, CA

“My husband and I are not social people and we are not joiners either, we haven’t even joined a book club. LOL. However Andrew & Gabriella made us feel instantly included just walking in the door. It felt like there was such a sense of purpose. We left with the feeling of being a part of something bigger and a sense of community. It changed our lives.– Steve and Jenn E., Rogers, AR

“I attended one of Andrew’s workshops in October 2016. It was one of the most positive experiences of my life. Aside from the educational experience, there was an unforeseen benefit – the camaraderie of a fantastic group of like-minded people, and the positive conversation we shared. Andrew is thoughtful and introspective, and he offers wisdom with great respect and tact. I am accustomed to a solitary lifestyle, but I felt very comfortable with our team and the deep, considerate discussions we had. Andrew is an inspiration.” – Kaela J., Aliquippa, PA


Event Address

Ashland Hills Hotel
2525 Ashland St
Ashland, OR 97520


Contact Information

+1 541 944 9003

Create Your Freedom

Your Future Awaits

April 20, 21, & 22, 2018

Ashland, OR

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